Our mission is to make the world we live in more sustainable. Adaptive Architecture can help us create buildings and urban spaces for a better tomorrow.

We believe sustainability can be attained when we find a balance between achieving more with less. In past projects, we created adaptive solutions to make ecologically sustainable changes in society. Through these experiences, we've developed an Adaptive Architecture. It is a replicable and efficient working process that allows us to derive sustainable solutions.
Building construction and operations accounted for the largest share of both global final energy use (36%) and energy-related CO2 emissions (39%)*.
It is obvious that we play an important role in the transition to an ecologically sustainable society.

When we think of making dramatic change, we think the larger the impact, the better. Yes, it is good that WE can build our own Zero Energy Buildings, but it is equally good if we can assist YOU in building a more ecologically sustainable building. A collective strive for sustainable buildings will make for a larger impact.

Our Adaptive Architecture can be a game changer

By advocating Adaptive Architecture, we can help more people solve problems, more efficiently. By empowering it with technology, Adaptive Architecture allows you to perform statistical analysis and objective evaluations more accurately and efficiently. The results are independent from the given individual conditions such as skillset, geographic and economical constraints.

Adaptive Architecture allows everyone to derive a sustainable outcome.
We believe that there is a solution for a better tomorrow.
We can find the solution together.

* 2019 Global Status Report for Buildings & Construction

We offer

  • Planning
  • Plan / Asset Evaluation
  • IT Engineering
  • Consulting

with specific knowledge in

  • Computational Design
  • Building Simulation
  • Environmental Simulation
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Web Application Engineering


  • Asset / Facility Management Companies
  • Building Developers
  • Housing Companies
  • Local Governments
  • Architects
  • Urban Planners
  • Building Material Companies

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is not a company; rather, it is an interdisciplinary collaborative platform made up of talented and specialized associates with a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience in the field. Our highly structured virtual network allows us to work seamlessly regardless of location or time zone.